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This section will be a co-created space by and for facilitators of local groups.  It’s purpose will be to support individuals trying to build local communities so we can learn from each other to enhance the experience for all involved.   

We are creating a support network for facilitators and will work to help facilitators get their communities up and running if they need additional help.  This support will develop through a variety of ways, including online forums, in-person support (if and when possible) and/or weekly conference calls. 

If you are interested in learning more about starting a local group in your community, please contact us.  Make sure you let us know your interest by checking the box, “I’d like to help bring CPR to my local community – Tell me more.” 

Future support topics that will reside here:

  • CPR rEvolution Rules and Guidelines
    • Virtual Spaces
    • Physical Meeting Spaces
  • How to find a meeting space -
    • How to pick and partner with organizations
    • Attitude of Gratitude - Although we do not want to create a financial barrier for anyone who want to join a meeting, each group will build an "Attitude of Gratitude" within each group each week seeking donations or other ways to support the host organization.  We'll seek partnerships with organizations who desire to invest in the movement to host group meetings, offering free space to meet.  In return, each local group will build an ethos among members to create a mutually supportive reciprocal flow between the CPR group and partner organization. 
  • New Group Support
    • Tips and success stories for getting the word out about your group
    • Group guidelines and expectations
    • Developing healthy group dynamics
  • Safety and security resources
  • And more...