BS With Bob Schmidt Podcast Interview

We recorded this conversation in December for Bob's new podcast.

I just listened to it the first time today. Listening to it makes me realize, I can’t express enough my gratitude for Bob. His ability to create a space for someone to speak their truth is a remarkable gift. He’s one of those guys you could sit down to have a beer with, but before you know it 4 hours have passed and you’ve tackled some big topics or ideas. Bob has continued to try to understand this path I’m on, despite me rarely having the comprehensive language to explain fully.

He’s taught me a great deal about what it means to listen to understand the person in front of me better. More personally, he’s given me the gift of knowing what it feels like to feel or be heard on a new level.

Bob, thank you for your friendship and being part of helping me talk about this part of my journey.

Podcast Interview:  BS With Bob Schmidt